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This is an Amazing Audio of the Entire Bible with Sound Effects and Everything!
Old Testament Zip Large File (3.56GB)
New Testament Zip Smaller file (1.11 GB)

The New Testament Files Below Are For Your Pleasure!
Book of Matthew (141.5MB)
Book of Mark (90MB)
Book of Luke (154.5MB)
Book of John (120MB)
Book of Acts (140MB)
Book of Romans (62MB)
Book of 1Corinthians (58MB)
Book of 2Corinthians (46MB)
Book of Galatians (25MB)
Book of Ephesians (22MB)
Book of Philippians (18MB)
Book of Colossians (17MB)
Book of 1st Thessalonians (16MB)
Book of 2nd Thessalonians (8MB)
Book of 1st Timothy (21MB)
Book of 2nd Timothy (18MB)
Book of Titus (8MB)
Book of Philemon (4.5MB)
Book of Hebrews (43MB)
Book of James (19MB)
Book of 1st Peter (25MB)
Book of 2nd Peter (15MB)
Book of 1st John (21MB)
Book of 2nd John (3MB)
Book of 3rd John (3.5MB)
Book of Jude (7MB)
Book of Revelation (81MB)

Compilation of Revelations is a detailed Document written over a few years by my ministry partner and friend
Revelations Compiled Document By Buford George

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The Passion of The Christ

Angelic Choir Singing From Heaven!
The Voices and Instruments Are Explained!